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Sunday 19 October 2008

Car Accident

I was told last night by Mr's friend that the accident that was reported here involved a person we know, not a friend. 

The person we knew, a 24 year old I believe, was drag racing with a motor cycle when his car clipped the median strip and he lost control and went onto oncoming traffic where he hit a 50 year old man, Father of four. It's unknown at this stage, but there was a 17 year old girl who was in one of the vehicles but at the time they thought that it was from the van but later believed she was a passenger from the S2000 (car racing). 

The 50 year old man later died on the crash sight after awaiting 3 hours to be rescued out of the vehicle whilst the driver (racing) of the Honda S2000 is in critical condition at Liverpool Hospital and has undergone operation for internal injuries. The 17 year old woman has also undergone operation and is said to be in critical but stable condition.

It's appalling when I hear stories like this because I see so many idiots on the road. I've got a semi-sports vehicle (not performance enhanced but looks like a sports car) and I've always got hoodlums trying to race thanks! I feel that if they want to kill themselves, fine but don't drag innocent people with your stupidity. I will leave it at that because I'm really angry about news reports like this.

The man who was drag racing also has 3 small children, they would most probably be left without a Father either way because if he survives he will be doing a long time in jail for manslaughter, to be honest, I would probably be more inclined to say I'd rather die if I'm in that situation because I don't know if I could live the rest of my life in jail and knowing I killed another person.



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