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Sunday 14 September 2008

4th Generation iPod Nano

Apple recently (September 9th) released the new and revamped fourth generation iPod Nano. It seems that Apple has decided to go back to the original design (thin and long) rather than staying with the replaced 3rd generation design of small, wide and commonly referred to as "fat" nano. Apple has made the new nano curvier and an all-aluminum and glass design.

New features includes:- 

"Genius" - finds songs that goes well together in your library creating a "Genius" playlist.

"Rock & Roll over" - you can now tilt and turn your nano according to your preference and the screen real estate will change accordingly.

Shake to shuffle - shake your nano and your music will get "shuffled".

Games - games are now more interactive with the tilt and turn option.

Screen - high resolution 2" widescreen

Further explanation of features and other new options are available here.

Design changes were made so that users can view videos in landscape mode, sharing the design aspect of the Touch and iPhone, seeing as the screen real estate of the previous Nano was criticised to be too small to view videos properly.

All colours available (shown on pic) are offered in BOTH 8GB and 16GB at $199 and $279 respectively. Red is exclusive to Apple.

At this stage I do not have a personal judgement on the product as I have not viewed it in person, stay tuned though and I'm sure I'll have something to say about it once I do see it.



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