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Tuesday 29 July 2008

Playboy Pet Beds

Being a dog and Playboy-design lover I am ecstatic at seeing these beds at my local pet store! It's the combination of two of my loves rolled into one. Now my dog can enjoy the stylish and sassy designs of Playboy too. I was quite surprised when I first saw it, but in hindsight, this was something inevitable considering the girls from the Playboy mansion all have multiple pets.

Now anyone that knows me well-enough would've thought that upon seeing these beds, regardless of price, that I would've jumped into purchasing at least one. Yes you read right, at least one, but believe it or not, and pick your jaws up from the floor people...I haven't "as yet" purchased one.

Unfortunately for my pet...ok fine! Unfortunately for ME, my spoilt lil queen of a pup not only has one but she's got two beds. One is for the lounge room, which is the same design as my lounge (brown suede) and the other is for the bedroom, which is a vet-recommended, Snooza branded bed, specifically made for their frail back bones. Not to mention the little outdoor bed/swing we bought for her for the backyard, which has never been used by MY pet! It's been used by pets, but not mine.

So I sit here waiting, waiting for something to give, either one of her beds...which I seriously doubt or my nagging and impatient personality...more than likely.



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