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Monday 8 June 2015

Summer Mini Bloggiesta 2015

The Summer Mini Bloggiesta for 2015 is coming up this coming weekend, June 13-14. Bloggiesta is a time where bloggers can come together and do some blog housekeeping (if you need ideas, click here) For all the official stuff and to sign up click here

To-Do List

Print & Start my Blog Planner
Use two old mini challenges as basis to improve my blog
Backup my blog
Participate in the Twitter chat if I'm up as it's 5am on the Sunday 14/6
Visit and comment on at least ten blogs Bloggiesta
Look into swapping to WP from Blogger

I hope everyone got their goals done for this Mini-Bloggiesta. 

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I just went and read the entire Organisation part of the past mini challenges  and went from there. I did quite a few of the challenges but rather than naming all the challenges I will just list what I've done. 

  • Created a Pocket (Read it later) and Evernote account...check out the past mini challenges post to see what you can do with these
  • Printed my Monthly Blog Planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler click here for your FREE copy and started to fill it out with pre-planned posts e.g. tours, memes. 
  • Updated my GCal blog calendar
  • Fixed up my email so all my emails goes to my Gmail account. I couldn't make my blogging one on Gmail because the email address I wanted was sadly already taken ~ Email Best Practices by Heylade
  • Deleted some files that I no longer need ~ Digital Decluttering
  • Created 6 post templates (Review Tours + Blog Tour Guest/Author, Weekly memes etc) 
  • Drafted 8 of my posts, but still have to put the main content, the review
  • Did quite a bit of research into the Migration from Blogger to Wordpress and even emailed a few services that do it to ask some questions
  • Visited and commented on quite a few Bloggiesta participants
So what did you get accomplished and most especially did you all have fun? I sadly did not get to participate in the Twitter chat, which I so enjoy when i do get to, but alas I just couldn't motivate myself to wake at 5 am. 

Tell me all about your Mini-Bloggiesta weekend on the comments section, I'm so excited to hear everyone's progress. 



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